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Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

By July 18, 2019No Comments

Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and overall brain development in children. Multiple studies have identified over a ten-point IQ increase in children who speak a second language as well as better assessment results in future academic assessments. The job market is increasingly more attractive with graduate students who hold a second language; as well due to an increase in globalization and an economic impact on import and export within the world, children who speak a second language are better applicants for universities and job offers worldwide.

Second language classes begin at the age of 1 year old in Sunshine State Academy. Children learn Spanish, Russian and Mandarin-Chinese as well as English as the first and primary language. The dual language model is the focus of the actual preschool and elementary school where children integrate language in their everyday school life and social activities. Even if the family at home does not speak the second or third language given at school, the overall long-term implications of the cognitive development of the child are profound and beneficial for future academic success.

This reason why the Sunshine State Academy aspires to prepare the next generation as early as possible. To prepare the children for the future, this educational institution emphasizes the value of preschool education. Intending to help children enhance their educational, social, and professional opportunities, Sunshine State Academy includes in its curriculum the importance of learning a second language.

Is it Necessary for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The preschool teachers from Sunshine State Academy are aware of the growing appreciation for foreign languages. Most people think that learning a second tongue for a student as young as one year old is inconceivable. However, multiple studies suggest otherwise, and Sunshine State Academy had witnessed the benefits firsthand. According to researchers from Harvard University, there are many reasons why a child should start learning another language at the earliest time possible. The formative years in a child’s life is the perfect time to develop their foundations for critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, and more.

Sunshine State Academy does not only rely on the results of multiple studies and research. The educators from this institution have found from experience how helpful it is for children to add another language to their mother tongue. Below are just some of the significant reasons why this type of learning is included in Sunshine State Academy’s preschool learning curriculum.

  1. Sunshine State Academy encourages children to learn a second language to boost their brain power. 

Most of the students at Sunshine State academy are children ages 1 to 10 years old. Based on studies, students before age five use the same part of the brain, which they use in acquiring their mother tongue in learning the second language. Moreover, the teachers from Sunshine State Academy observe that young students are not afraid of making mistakes; thus, children acquire learning by reputation and play.

  1. Sunshine State Academy aims to give the students an early start for gaining academic achievements.

With years of experience in providing high-quality preschool education, Sunshine State Academy has found out that the longer the time a student devotes to learning a second language, the more fluent they become. Moreover, starting early has a direct impact on a child’s cognitive development. Aside from learning the foreign language, Sunshine State Academy also guides the students in exploring other cultures and diversities. Ultimately, this helps children develop a deeper connection to society as they grow.

  1. Sunshine State Academy promotes learning of a second language to improve reading scores.

Connected to the above-mentioned benefit, learning a second language helps students enhance their knowledge in writing, reading, and even in mathematics. Generally, bilingual students get higher scores on standardized tests due to their mental flexibility. With years of experience in providing high-quality preschool education, Sunshine State Academy had seen this incredible difference.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps children develop a healthy and positive attitude towards language and diversity

Several researchers have concluded that children who start to learn a second language at age five inhibit more positive attitudes towards diversity. Moreover, it gives students the chance to explore new worlds and cultures outside the walls of Sunshine State Academy.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps in preparing your child’s path to success. 

The value of learning more than one language is increasingly becoming a necessity. Sunshine State Academy knows that the world is getting more competitive and standing out from the crowd has become even more challenging. A person who is fluent in speaking a foreign language can communicate with a broader pool of people, thus, broadening his or her horizons. The more people a child can connect with, the more chances your child has in nurturing social and professional opportunities.

Let Sunshine State Academy Help Your Children Discover a Bigger and Brighter World!

Prepare your child in facing the realities of the world. As we head towards innovation and growth, most parents would agree that young students need to strengthen their armors, now, more than ever. Children need all the things that you can provide to be able to face the world with their heads held up high. Allow your child to navigate in a multilingual environment without difficulty, and they will reap rich rewards in the future! Visit us at for more information on our language programs.


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