Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and overall brain development in children. Multiple studies have identified over a ten-point IQ increase in children who speak a second language as well as better assessment results in future academic tests. The job market is increasingly more attractive with graduate students who hold a second language; as well as the globalization and economic impact within the world, children who speak a second language are better applicants for universities and job offers worldwide.

Second language classes begin at the age of one years old in Sunshine State Academy. Children learn Spanish, Mandarin-Chinese or Russian as part of the DUAL-LANGUAGE Sunshine Program. English is taught as the primary language by certified teachers who hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Education. The dual language model is the focus of the actual preschool and elementary school where children integrate language in their everyday school life and social activities. Even if the family at home does not speak the second or third language given at preschool/school, the overall long-term implications of the cognitive development of the child are profound and beneficial for future academic success.

Is it Necessary for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The preschool teachers from Sunshine State Academy are aware of the growing appreciation for foreign languages. Most people think that learning a second tongue for a student as young as one years old is inconceivable. However, multiple studies suggest otherwise and Sunshine State Academy has witnessed the benefits firsthand. According to researchers from Harvard University, there are many reasons why a child should start learning another language at the earliest time possible. The formative years in a child’s life is the perfect time to develop their foundations for critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, and word-sound association.

Below are just some of the significant reasons why this type of learning is included in Sunshine State Academy’s preschool and elementary dual-language curriculum.

  1. Learning a second language improves memory and cognitive abilities in children
  2. A second language allows children to have a broader spectrum on word recognition and reading abilities
  3. Higher assessment results are shown in dual-language learners
  4. Language learning attributes to a more culturally diverse population of students
  5. Language acquisition strengthens neuron connections in the brain

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Contributed by Julia Yaremchuk, Curriculum Specialist, M.S. Education, PH.D. Candidate

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