Sunshine State Academy is a place where learning is created through hands-on individualized instruction. A planet where your child can feel safe and secure in a spacious and comfortable environment. The Sunshine World is a place where your child will experience happiness.

Our name stands for:

  • Secured and gated campuses and facilities
  • Unique and Creative Curriculum based on Florida Early Learning Standards for Preschool and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Curriculum for Elementary School
  • Nourishing and enriching environment with age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate materials
  • Safety and Sanitary Daily Procedures to Ensure Clean and Disinfected Play Spaces and Classes
  • Highest Quality Educational Standards for Early Childhood and Elementary Students
  • Innovate Classes in Robotics, Music, Art and Language Immersion (Spanish, Russian, Mandarin-Chinese)
  • Nourishing Daily Meals (Breakfast, Hot Lunch and Afternoon Snack)
  • Educators with experience, qualifications and a passion for teaching children through differentiation, adaptation and compassion

Our Vision

At Sunshine State Academy, we believe that a positive experience during the early years of a child’s life provides the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We inspire children to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually in a setting that fosters individuality, curiosity, and a passion for learning.

To support this philosophical approach, we provide a learning environment that is carefully designed to foster children’s natural interest where our teaching staff is trained on how to implement a child-centered based curriculum and nurture the spontaneity that emerges from discovery and exploration that encourages strategic thinking and problem solving in a safe and secure environment.

At Sunshine State Academy, we provide a wide range of high quality, socially rich, state- of-the-art, comprehensive learning programs a place where children will experience happiness as they learn and grow.

Our Curriculum Consists of the following:

  • Scope and Sequence Guides with Thematic Units.
  • Age-Appropriate Reading and Mathematics Lessons.
  • Creative Curriculum for Toddlers and Preschoolers.
  • Harcourt Mifflin Publisher via the Sunshine State Standards for Elementary School Students.
  • Language Immersion Classes: Russian, Spanish, Mandarin-Chinese.
  • Home School Connections (Monthly Parent Workshops/Events).
  • Music and Art Integration with Dance, Music and Art Classes.
  • Hands-On Learning through Play while having fun.
  • Science Inquiry and Lab Classes.
  • Curriculum is guided by latest research-based innovation in early childhood education.

Explore what a day is like in our schools: