Gathering Data to Improve Scores

The importance of gathering data to improve the learning environment of a preschool is vital in providing the best care and working atmosphere for children and teachers. Pre-assessment of children, the gathering of data and the planning of thematical units and appropriate lesson plans are used within the Sunshine State Academy curricular model.


Data analysis and interpretation is the finality of the entire process of education and therefore it requires a great deal of organization, patience and how-to knowledge. “Data analysis in qualitative research involves summarizing data in a dependable and accurate manner and leads to the presentation of study findings in a manner that has an air of undeniability” (Gay,, 2009, p.448).


The first step to analyzing data is while you are collecting it. The researcher must look at the results which are coming in and see if the results are ones that are expected to continue the research topic. If the procedure need to be changes or the research question is not adequate, then further research must be done and the process must start anew. For example, if the teacher sees that over the course of the 5-week thematical unit children have not gained any new skills or knowledge, he or she must change the lesson plans to better meet the needs of the students within the class.

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