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Hollywood FL Multilingual Preschool & Elementary School Program Announced
Hollywood, FL Preschool & Elementary School Sunshine State Academy announced the availability of its multilingual education program. The program is[...]


Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?
Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children? Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and[...]
How Do Certified Teachers with Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees Benefit Your Child’s Future?
It is a known fact that education is the life-line of any child and the foundation of their future success.[...]
Why Is a Preschool Education Important and How Can It Improve Reading Scores?
In any part of the world, numerous studies have shown that having a preschool education is vital for a child’s[...]
Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?
Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and overall brain development in children. Multiple studies have identified[...]
Fun Ways to Manage Young Learners inside the Classroom
Every child starts his/her early stages of life in a preschool like Sunshine State Academy. Parents send their children to[...]
Top 5 Family Friendly Activities in Aventura
Aventura is a suburb of Miami, Florida, one of the most popular destinations around the country. After a quick drive[...]
Teach Kids to Read with Familiar Logos
A logo is the trademark of every business, organization or institution. Whenever people see these logos, it becomes a train[...]
Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten
Math games are an excellent practice for kids to get better not only in their mathematics class but also outside[...]
Parent’s Survival Guide: How to do Aventura Mall with a Toddler
Aventura Mall is considered the second largest luxury shopping mall in the United States. A lot of parents in South[...]
Arts and Crafts Activities
The Sunshine State Academy believes that, from the moment a child is conceived inside a mother’s womb, they are constantly[...]
Teach Kids Colors with Rainbow Slime
There are a variety of ways we can consider in teaching kids the different colors we have. Some parents often[...]
Parent’s Survival Guide: How to do Lincoln Road with a Toddler
Lincoln Road is where people of Miami come together to celebrate, dine, and shop. It is a world-famous mile-long pedestrian[...]
5 Games You Can Play At Home To Help Your Toddler Excel in The Classroom
Games are not just an activity for every child to have fun and enjoy but also a way for them[...]
5 Indoor Activities for Rainy Days with Your Baby
Your baby can have all the time in the world to collect memories with you and your family no matter[...]
Helping Teachers…Be Great Teachers!
By Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.   1. Why should you plan for something to happen if the learning centers are already[...]
The Health And Safety Are The Primary Factors Of The Early Childhood Environment
By Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.     The two most crucial factors of having a successful early childhood are health and[...]
Professional Development Links and Classes/Teacher and Administrative Resource
Online Courses:   1.   The following website has all of the Department of Children and Families mandated courses, such as[...]
The Gurus of Child Development
By Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. In the world of where child development has been investigated, researched and massively studied, it is[...]
Improving Communications between Preschool and Families
By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Education Communication between preschool and the family is vital in the overall student success especially for children[...]
The Ages and Stages Questionnaire Assessment Vs. Cindy Downes Oklahoma Pre-Kindergarten Assessment
Julia Yaremchuk, M.S in Education   I. Publication Information A. Ages and Stages Questionnaire   The title of the first[...]
Supporting English Language Learners in the Classroom
By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.   Children who are English language learners come from a variety of backgrounds.   They may need to learn[...]
Successful Motivational Strategies
Another great strategy that teachers use within the class is area charts and helper charts. Each child is given an[...]
Teacher Excellence at Sunshine State Academy
Learning to teach does not occur over one or two college semesters and highly effective teachers strive to learn throughout[...]
Student Leadership of English Language Learners
In American schools, the English language learner population has almost doubled over the past decade while the overall student population[...]
Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Sunshine State Academy Recruitment Strategy to Promote Culturally Diverse Classrooms Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Teacher Recruitment Strategy: In order to promote[...]
Promoting Large Motor Skills to Keep a Well-Balanced Classroom
Children develop large motor skills naturally, yet there are a great amount of activities and tools that can increase their[...]
Dramatic Play in Early Childhood Classroom
Dramatic play in the early childhood classroom is considered by many to be one of the most important kinds of[...]
Teacher Self-Evaluation
Each teacher begins his or her path in learning how to center all lessons through the prism of their student[...]
So, Let’s Play
The sound of the word play means different things to various people. In some cultures, playing is frowned upon because[...]
Language and the Overall Success in School
The article, “Broadening Our Views of Linguistic Diversity” by Debra O’Neal and Marjorie Ringler is a fascinating research piece which[...]
Gathering Data to Improve Scores
The importance of gathering data to improve the learning environment of a preschool is vital in providing the best care[...]
Baby Milestone Chart: Tips from Sunshine State Academy in South Florida
Part of joys of motherhood is to witness every one of the milestones of your baby. Each new milestone your[...]
Is Preschool Worth It?” What Parents Are Asking in South Florida
We often get asked the question here in South Florida: Is Preschool Worth it? How early do parents start investing in[...]