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Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and overall brain development in children. Multiple studies have identified over a ten-point IQ increase in children who speak a second language as well as better assessment results in future academic tests. The job market is increasingly more attractive with graduate students who hold a second language; as well as the globalization and economic impact within the world, children who speak a second language are better applicants for universities and job offers worldwide.

Second language classes begin at the age of one years old in Sunshine State Academy. Children learn Spanish, Mandarin-Chinese or Russian as part of the DUAL-LANGUAGE Sunshine Program. English is taught as the primary language by certified teachers who hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Education. The dual language model is the focus of the actual preschool and elementary school where children integrate language in their everyday school life and social activities. Even if the family at home does not speak the second or third language given at preschool/school, the overall long-term implications of the cognitive development of the child are profound and beneficial for future academic success.

Is it Necessary for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The preschool teachers from Sunshine State Academy are aware of the growing appreciation for foreign languages. Most people think that learning a second tongue for a student as young as one years old is inconceivable. However, multiple studies suggest otherwise and Sunshine State Academy has witnessed the benefits firsthand. According to researchers from Harvard University, there are many reasons why a child should start learning another language at the earliest time possible. The formative years in a child’s life is the perfect time to develop their foundations for critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, and word-sound association.

Below are just some of the significant reasons why this type of learning is included in Sunshine State Academy’s preschool and elementary dual-language curriculum.

  1. Learning a second language improves memory and cognitive abilities in children
  2. A second language allows children to have a broader spectrum on word recognition and reading abilities
  3. Higher assessment results are shown in dual-language learners
  4. Language learning attributes to a more culturally diverse population of students
  5. Language acquisition strengthens neuron connections in the brain

For any questions on second-language learning and the dual-language program, please contact Sunshine State Academy Elementary School Main Office at 954-736-9000.

Contributed by Julia Yaremchuk, Curriculum Specialist, M.S. Education, PH.D. Candidate

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How Do Certified Teachers with Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees Benefit Your Child’s Future?

It is a known fact that education is the life-line of any child and the foundation of their future success. With the proper educational procedures, a child can reach their full potential and attain their dreams. However, to provide such high standards, proper mentors and educators are needed. The process on which your child’s educational growth solely depends on are two things; one is the capacity of the child to learn, and second is the capacity of the educator to administer knowledge.

Furthermore, early childhood is an age of critical importance when it comes to growth and development. A child’s brain develops faster in this stage, making them receive knowledge, facts, and information at a higher speed and depth. Also, the quality of their upbringing relies on the developmental factors of social skills, self-esteem, and other cognitive skills, such as moral values and their insight and understanding of the world.

Early development of these critical skills can encourage your young ones to have a more in-depth experience of the world. At Sunshine State Academy, it is our mission to provide an excellent education for your children. Sunshine State Academy teachers are renowned educators with educational certifications, achievements, and degrees at the highest levels. With us, your child’s development is assured at Sunshine State Academy.

Degree-Holding Educators: Why it is a Necessity

Every parent knows that the right teachers make a positive difference in the lives of each student. The impact of educators plays an essential role in your child’s development, especially at the early stages. A good teacher provides your child with constant attention and a new climate of learning, professional development of educational structure and planning, and a friendly disposition.

A high-quality education is not a luxury; rather, it’s a necessity for your child to have the best chance of success. A designated educational provider can create a new sense of educational achievement by being developing a professional teacher and child kinship. The well-prepared teachers and educators of Sunshine State Academy bring about high-quality learning within the classroom setting that is friendly, fun, and a welcoming environment for learning and exploration.

The teachers of Sunshine State Academy are well-versed educators that have attained either Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, which ensures top-grade education and teaching for your child in an engaging and well-prepared classroom setting.

What should you expect at Sunshine State Academy?

If you are looking for a preschool or elementary school that has the mission to educate each child to his or her potential, then look no further – Sunshine State Academy is the educational institution for your family. Located in Hollywood Florida, Sunshine State Academy offers a variety of programs for your child. In terms of academics, the certified teachers of Sunshine State Academy educate via a creative curriculum for pre-school and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt based on the National Standards.

The learning environment for students at Sunshine State Academy immerses the students in key curricular areas such as mathematics, reading and writing, visual arts, science, and cognitive skills. The lessons open new possibilities and opportunities for your child’s brain to receive and construct their individual perception of learning. Through an active and dynamic learning environment proposed by Sunshine State Academy, the students experience small group and individual activities that encourage further learning and more profound understanding.

Sunshine State Academy offers an excellent place for your child’s development while you are at work. The secure facilities at Sunshine State Academy provide parents with the peace of mind that your child is learning in a safe educational environment.

Immersive Program Provided by Certified Teachers of Sunshine State Academy

It is widely known that quality education leads to success. The students of Sunshine State Academy are provided with thorough educative methods that supply knowledge and understanding of the world. Our certified teachers promote unique methodology and training according to your child’s age. This serves as a more targeted and extensive approach in education through the creative curriculum in Sunshine State Academy.

  • Young toddlers, ages 1-2 years old, in Sunshine State Academy are taught with a hands-on methodology. This helps in acquiring the acquisition of language and other cognitive skills.
  • Preschoolers, ages 2-4 years old, in Sunshine State Academy, receive teaching through play. This allows your child to interact with fellow students and develop their social skills while practicing language acquisition.
  • Pre-Kindergarten, ages 4-5 years old, the methodology focuses on phonics, logical-mathematics, writing, and reading development. These classes focus on learning through arts and STEM learning, thus making the curriculum at Sunshine State Academy viable as a cornerstone for your child before stepping into kindergarten.
  • Elementary school is well-prepared with developed lesson plans along with a Gifted-Advanced mathematics and language arts program. Students have a multi-curricular approach with classes in science, mathematics, reading, writing, Spanish, music, theater, sports, Mandarin-Chinese, and social-studies.

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Why Is a Preschool Education Important and How Can It Improve Reading Scores?

In any part of the world, numerous studies have shown that having a preschool education is vital for a child’s development. Known as the formative years in a student’s life, this period is critical due to an increase in brain activity. From the usual imperative lessons in class to critical thinking and down to learning different social cues, students and parents often find the nature of this learning critical and challenging. Fortunately, there are preschools like the Sunshine State Academy that understand how important it is to provide the necessary knowledge for students at a young age. Ultimately, high-quality preschool education will lead students to receive high reading scores, which will be extremely valuable to them in the future. So, come schedule a private tour and check out how Sunshine State Academy can make all the difference in your child’s life!

Understanding Your Child’s Reading Scores

Often, when students come home with their report cards, some parents struggle to know what they are looking at. Most of the time, they do not know how to interpret the leveling systems as well as the reading scores. Sunshine State Academy aims to help these parents understand the real meaning behind the given scores.

To determine a child’s reading score, Sunshine State Academy relies on the following leveling systems, guided reading levels, reading recovery, and developmental reading assessments. The preschool educators carefully assess the students one by one to be able to define the most appropriate approach in teaching.

What are the top reasons why you should enroll your child at Sunshine State Academy?

  1. Sunshine State Academy offers children fun opportunities to grow. 

Inside a friendly and well-nurtured environment, Sunshine State Academy encourages children to discover the challenge of following instructions and the joy in learning how to share. Most often than not, going to preschool serves as their first-ever experience away from home, so we ensure that our structured setting will provide children with a secure space where they can begin to establish themselves.

  1. Sunshine State Academy prepares children for kindergarten.

Some parents think that enrolling their children in a preschool would force them to grow up too fast. They are caught up with the idea that the most appropriate time for their kids to leave home is when they enroll in kindergarten. However, Sunshine State Academy believes otherwise. Multiple studies have shown that a child who attended preschool finds it more comfortable to show their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities that those students who did not. Moreover, children with a preschool education often get higher reading scores during assessments compared to those who first entered school as a kindergarten.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps children develop their social and emotional abilities. 

Preschool students often range from 1 to 5 years old. Since they are typically vulnerable and dependent on their parents, Sunshine State Academy never stops in creating a learning environment wherein the young students will feel safe and secure. Before going to the academics, the teachers strive to develop a personal connection to each student, which will ultimately win over their trust. By promoting a sense of sharing and cooperation through child-friendly activities, Sunshine State Academy plays an essential role in shaping a child’s behavior.

  1. Sunshine State Academy prepares children for serious learning without removing playtime. 

Learning through play is the motto at Sunshine State Academy. Children have a myriad of learning centers where they can explore art, science, reading, blocks, and puzzles. Children are educated to share while learning that communication is a social norm for friendship and socialization. Learning is done through role-playing and language activities as well as a focus on music and song. Allowing children to be creative is important in tuning learning as they play.

  1. Sunshine State Academy encourages children to nurture their curiosity.

Young children have active and creative imaginations. Without knowledge about consequences, children are often taught with rote learning models. However, in Sunshine State Academy, this nature will be altered. Instead, children will be guided as they explore the wonders of their imagination and curiosity.

Choose Sunshine State Academy as Your Child’s First Learning Experience and visit us at

Why is Learning a Second Language Important for Children?

Learning a second language is the gateway to future success and overall brain development in children. Multiple studies have identified over a ten-point IQ increase in children who speak a second language as well as better assessment results in future academic assessments. The job market is increasingly more attractive with graduate students who hold a second language; as well due to an increase in globalization and an economic impact on import and export within the world, children who speak a second language are better applicants for universities and job offers worldwide.

Second language classes begin at the age of 1 year old in Sunshine State Academy. Children learn Spanish, Russian and Mandarin-Chinese as well as English as the first and primary language. The dual language model is the focus of the actual preschool and elementary school where children integrate language in their everyday school life and social activities. Even if the family at home does not speak the second or third language given at school, the overall long-term implications of the cognitive development of the child are profound and beneficial for future academic success.

This reason why the Sunshine State Academy aspires to prepare the next generation as early as possible. To prepare the children for the future, this educational institution emphasizes the value of preschool education. Intending to help children enhance their educational, social, and professional opportunities, Sunshine State Academy includes in its curriculum the importance of learning a second language.

Is it Necessary for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The preschool teachers from Sunshine State Academy are aware of the growing appreciation for foreign languages. Most people think that learning a second tongue for a student as young as one year old is inconceivable. However, multiple studies suggest otherwise, and Sunshine State Academy had witnessed the benefits firsthand. According to researchers from Harvard University, there are many reasons why a child should start learning another language at the earliest time possible. The formative years in a child’s life is the perfect time to develop their foundations for critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, and more.

Sunshine State Academy does not only rely on the results of multiple studies and research. The educators from this institution have found from experience how helpful it is for children to add another language to their mother tongue. Below are just some of the significant reasons why this type of learning is included in Sunshine State Academy’s preschool learning curriculum.

  1. Sunshine State Academy encourages children to learn a second language to boost their brain power. 

Most of the students at Sunshine State academy are children ages 1 to 10 years old. Based on studies, students before age five use the same part of the brain, which they use in acquiring their mother tongue in learning the second language. Moreover, the teachers from Sunshine State Academy observe that young students are not afraid of making mistakes; thus, children acquire learning by reputation and play.

  1. Sunshine State Academy aims to give the students an early start for gaining academic achievements.

With years of experience in providing high-quality preschool education, Sunshine State Academy has found out that the longer the time a student devotes to learning a second language, the more fluent they become. Moreover, starting early has a direct impact on a child’s cognitive development. Aside from learning the foreign language, Sunshine State Academy also guides the students in exploring other cultures and diversities. Ultimately, this helps children develop a deeper connection to society as they grow.

  1. Sunshine State Academy promotes learning of a second language to improve reading scores.

Connected to the above-mentioned benefit, learning a second language helps students enhance their knowledge in writing, reading, and even in mathematics. Generally, bilingual students get higher scores on standardized tests due to their mental flexibility. With years of experience in providing high-quality preschool education, Sunshine State Academy had seen this incredible difference.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps children develop a healthy and positive attitude towards language and diversity

Several researchers have concluded that children who start to learn a second language at age five inhibit more positive attitudes towards diversity. Moreover, it gives students the chance to explore new worlds and cultures outside the walls of Sunshine State Academy.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps in preparing your child’s path to success. 

The value of learning more than one language is increasingly becoming a necessity. Sunshine State Academy knows that the world is getting more competitive and standing out from the crowd has become even more challenging. A person who is fluent in speaking a foreign language can communicate with a broader pool of people, thus, broadening his or her horizons. The more people a child can connect with, the more chances your child has in nurturing social and professional opportunities.

Let Sunshine State Academy Help Your Children Discover a Bigger and Brighter World!

Prepare your child in facing the realities of the world. As we head towards innovation and growth, most parents would agree that young students need to strengthen their armors, now, more than ever. Children need all the things that you can provide to be able to face the world with their heads held up high. Allow your child to navigate in a multilingual environment without difficulty, and they will reap rich rewards in the future! Visit us at for more information on our language programs.


Fun Ways to Manage Young Learners inside the Classroom

Every child starts his/her early stages of life in a preschool like Sunshine State Academy. Parents send their children to school so they can learn how to communicate with other people and grow better as individuals. Kids are clustered into a group inside the classrooms of the school. They are randomly chosen and assigned to a designated teacher or educator. This is where the learning begins at Sunshine State Academy.

At an early age, children are attached to their family and have a strong bond with the caregiver. This is very typical behavior and many children form bonds depending on their overall disposition and character. The first day in a preschool may be scary for some children but caregivers should remain cool, calm and collected to make sure their children feel safe in the new environment. In Sunshine State Academy the first day of school begins with the child and the parent being welcomed into the classroom. The caregiver stays with the child and makes sure he/she begins the adaptation process.

Learning should always come with a focus on trust and a healthy environment since preschoolers are still young; they need the utmost supervision and assistance to be able to absorb the knowledge that Sunshine State Academy gives. Most young kids are still soft-hearted and sensitive that they may cry for little things; this is where a loving and kind teacher is important. Here are some creative ways that Sunshine State Academy offers on how to manage children inside the classroom:

  1. Sunshine State Academy offers exciting games to play inside the classroom.

  • Young children need excitement before they focus on what is being presented in the class
  • Children learn primarily through play, therefore, an abundance of play is given at Sunshine State Academy
  • Playing exciting games during circle time is the first activity to allow children to enjoy preschool
  • Sunshine State Academy offers a playground where kids can play and mingle with other kids.
  • A center-based approach allows children in Sunshine State Academy to play with educational toys like puzzles, building blocks, Lego blocks and many more cognitive-development manipulatives
  1. Sunshine State Academy teaches children about Art and Music.

  • The importance of music and art on brain development has highlighted the need for these subjects in the early childhood setting
  • Every child has a hidden talent that should be discovered so it is a great idea to engage them in music and art
  • In Sunshine State Academy music is a subject area which is taught three times per week and children participate in vocal and movement classes
  • Art is a daily subject where children practice fine-motor skills while creating art with coloring materials like crayons, watercolors or even colored pencil.
  • Sensory materials of clay and cotton are used to create 3D projects within the classroom.
  • Sunshine State Academy designed its classroom to have enough room for the children to express themselves in art, movement and music on a daily basis.
  • Sunshine State Academy also introduces children to the world of music.
  • Learning how to play an instrument at age 2 or 3 years old is implemented in Sunshine State Academy.
  • A music studio with instruments allows children to excel in forte-piano, cello, violin or drums
  1. Sunshine State Academy prioritizes group projects rather than lectures.

  • Children have very absorbent minds at a young age. Their ability to think outside the box is amazing which must be developed early.
  • Doing group projects or organizing a brain-storming would make a huge help to boost memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Sunshine State Academy has a coding and STEM curriculum for children of all ages beginning as young as toddlers, who discover the world around them through sensory play.
  • Older preschoolers have microscopes and online coding programs to allow for science and mathematical development within each classroom

Top 5 Family Friendly Activities in Aventura

Aventura is a suburb of Miami, Florida, one of the most popular destinations around the country. After a quick drive over the William H. Lehman Causeway, you can experience the famous beaches of South Florida and its wonderful views and ambiance.

If you and your family love to explore outside your home, Aventura is a great place to discover. Take a day off from your busy schedule and spend quality time with your family doing one of these top 5 activities you can do in Aventura, Florida.

Aventura Circle

Aventura Circle is located on Country Club Road; it’s a beautiful place to hang out with your family any time of the day. The five-kilometer path is a safe and serene place for a morning jog, cycling, roller-skating, or a leisurely walk with the whole family while enjoying the South Florida scenery and wildlife that reside at the park like geese, egrets, and ducks. As you spend time with your family here, you will definitely enjoy looking at the trees, the ponds, and the top-rated Turnberry Isle Golf Course.

The Aventura Circle is located on West Country Club Drive and NE 199th Street.

Aventura Mall

The Aventura Mall is one of the biggest and most visited shopping malls in the United States, and the largest in Florida. In fact, it’s so expansive that your family might need the entire day just to tour the mall! We recommend planning the day to ensure you see all the shops and sights you’re interested in, including the many pieces of art displayed around the mall. The Aventura Mall has become a cultural destination due to its artistic and cultural art piece designed and crafted by local and international artists around the country. Be sure to include the mall’s set of spooky, smiling sculptures by Ugo Rondinone and Louise Bourgeois’ disembodied eyeball benches outside the entrances of Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom.

When you are looking for great places to dine, there are many restaurants if you’re looking for a delicious meal or quick bite to eat, and coffee shops for that afternoon pick-me-up. You can choose from many of the delightful restaurants from Italian dishes to Thai and Japanese cuisines. If you and your family are looking for a diverse menu, there is the Grand Lux Café that serves New Orleans-style beignets and Poland’s pierogi that will astound your taste buds. Surely, your family will love this place even more due to its enormous spaces for kids to play and hang around. Besides these wonderful places to eat and play with your kids, you can also spend time watching movies with their high-quality entertainment area composed of 24 movie theaters including a Real D 3D and IMAX. With all of these sights and activities, the Aventura Mall is a wonderful place to spend the day (or more) with your whole family.

View maps and get more information at

The Aventura Arts and Cultural Center


Opened in 2010, The Aventura Arts and Cultural Center is a high-tech and elegant facility that can host up to 330 seats. The Cultural Center is built to bring Aventura a variety of high-quality performing arts performances and enhance relevant programs for all people, young and adult alike. We all know that arts and culture are one of the important values of our society in illustrating and demonstrating to people the history that impacts today’s economy, music that continues to showcase talents from all over the world, and valuable performance from different artists that brings a new perspective to our well-being and our views of the world around us. If you’re looking to expand your children’s love of the performing arts, the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center is the place to go.

Learn more at

Aventura Community Recreation Center

For the active family, the Aventura Community Recreation Center is just right. This expansive center is built for every family who wants to spend more time together and have fun being active at the same time. Shoot some hoops at the indoor basketball court, sign up for one or more of the multiple programs, classes and activities offered for both kids and parents, or get some work in at the fitness center!

Learn more and view events and schedules at www.

Aventura is also home to the 5-star luxury hotel, the Turnberry Isle Miami. Turnberry Isle offers world-class amenities designed for everyone to enjoy a rich Mediterranean experience and authentic culture that will bring you back in time and across the sea. This luxury hotel and resort is also known for its two championship golf courses which are designed by Raymond Floyd, a champion golfer and World Golf Hall of Fame inductee.

Adventure with your family in Aventura and experience not only the fun and enjoyment of South Florida’s City of Excellence, but lots of learning and quality time for a long-lasting relationship.

Teach Kids to Read with Familiar Logos

A logo is the trademark of every business, organization or institution. Whenever people see these logos, it becomes a train that leads to a certain destination. It is the tool of every company, organization, or institution to be known around the country and even beyond borders. But this can also be a way for children to learn reading and can be an effective way of acquiring knowledge. Sharing your children these familiar logos exposes them with various letters, words, images and a whole lot more. Every child begins the process of learning to read even before entering school as they obtain background knowledge and vocabulary through various materials we use and allow them to have. Children’s reading skills gained not only inside a classroom or whenever their teachers teach them. Learning happened even before they come out to this world.

Whatever you choose to teach and read with your child, you can make it an enjoyable experience. Just like what The Sunshine State Academy offers to every child they are showing, they cultivated programs for every student to have fun through visiting magical places by reading fictional stories, getting to know the famous person through arts and science, and finding the answers to every question through learning different skills.

Teaching your kids to read is a complex process that involves skills such as making predictions, decoding and asking questions. But even if it’s complicated, you can always find a way to let them learn. Even the top rated Elementary Schools in South Florida consider a variety of ideas on how to teach kids to read.

How Kids Can Learn To Read with Familiar Logos Children who are often exposed to familiar logos are great practice in teaching them to read.

Did you know that through the imagination of certain things is the foundation of a child’s world? As early as two years old, they are starting to showcase skills such as imagining letters from the pictures or logos they see around them. That’s the time they’ll be practiced and be more inclined with letters, colors, and words.

Almost anything they see can spur their imagination and learn through them. For instance, a child develops their reading skills while imagining the previous colors, pictures, logos, and letters he made up in his mind. Reading them aloud can also be a great help in their development. An excerpt about a study on toddler’s cognitive development as a result of reading aloud to children says that,

“A child care provider reads to a toddler, And in a matter of seconds, thousands of cells in these children’s growing brains respond. Some brain cells are ‘turned on,’ triggered by this particular experience. Many existing connections among brain cells are strengthened. At the same time, new brain cells are formed, adding a bit more definition and complexity to the intricate circuitry that will remain largely in place for the rest of these children’s lives.”

After all, showing them familiar logos and reading them aloud makes it a good practice.

10 Familiar Logos You Can Teach Your Kids

These familiar logos belong to big companies that every people all over the globe applaud because of their success, customer satisfaction, their philosophy, and identity. Each of this familiar logo captures not just the identity of the brand, but every people can entirely relate even the kids all around the globe.

1. Apple.
2. Target
3. Google
4. LG
5. FedEx
6. Mercedes-Benz
7. Toyota
8. Coca-Cola
9. Shell
10. Nike

It is no doubt that when kids saw the logo of Apple or even these familiar logos, they can easily recognize what it means. If we can recall the history of how Apple Company emerges, it featured Isaac Newton sitting underneath an apple tree thinking that it might drop. It was so creative that Apple Company simplified their logo to the actual fruit. Teaching your kids these familiar logos not only enhance their reading skills but also allowing them to learn the things around them. Through showing and reading these logos to your kids, they will learn about different people and places.

Why Choose Sunshine State Academy To Teach Your Kids?

The ability to read not only influences your children’s graduation rates. Sunshine State Academy believes that people of all ages who learn extend far beyond academic endeavor. Through creative programs like teaching kids with familiar logos can significantly impact their reading abilities throughout their career. Teaching them in every possible way even as young as your kids are, allows them to learn voluntarily.

The U.S. Department of Education states, “Voluntary reading involves personal choice, reading widely from a variety of sources, and choosing what one reads. Alliterates, people who can read but choose not to, miss just as much as those who cannot read at all. Individuals read to live life to its fullest, to earn a living, to understand what is going on in the world, and to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of civilization. Even the benefits of democracy and the capacity to govern ourselves successfully depend on reading.”

The Sunshine State Academy’s creative curriculum approach by Jean Piaget is unique in a way that children are encouraged and motivated to learn by exploring different topics that attract them. They even provide every unique child ways of how to learn to read and write. The learning environment they provide is designed to aid the child’s developmental culture and produce broad inspiring materials that express learning. Whether different activities such as word formation, music involvement, creative plays like drawing, painting, sculpturing, modeling, and making drama plays using puppets, photography and more. All of these are showcased inside the State Sunshine Academy. Teaching kids to read with familiar logos is just a straightforward way they use inside the academy.

Learn more about Sunshine State Academy and their wonderful programs that will inevitably build great learning for your kids. Visit their website at for more of these unusual ways of teaching your kids.

Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

Math games are an excellent practice for kids to get better not only in their mathematics class but also outside of a classroom. Kids should have a daily opportunity to new learning through addition and subtraction math games and activities that will further enhance their capability of solving problems. Addition and Subtraction are not only applicable inside of a classroom whenever kids are taking up their math subject. These opportunities are gained through daily experiences such as picking up groceries, folding their clothes, and other household chores.

Sunshine State Academy provides these kinds of activities that will surely enhance your kids’ mathematics skills. Doing fun math activities and games as young as they will make a great impact on how your children’s approaches to math problems that will later come to school. The Sunshine World offers imaginative and colorful math games for preschooler and kindergarten students to get comfortable in counting basic numbers while introducing them to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even data sorting concepts or geometry alike. In this way, children will be more engaged and challenged enough to be motivated to solve problems and keep them pushing forward.

There are countless numbers, riddles, and puzzles to be solved, a variety of shapes to be set, room to be measured, and many other math games that are sure to address both math enthusiast and wary math kids alike. You can let your kids spend as much time as you wanted at The Sunshine State Academy to build more opportunities of learning they’re Mathematics.

Here are some of the Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten:

1. Subtraction with Bowling Game. Get your students to line up with this bowling game. Set up your 10 bowling pins or plastic cups along with other materials like balls to smack them down. Each student will have an opportunity to smack the pins or cups. Record each of their scores on a paper to represent the numbers to be subtracted. To practice their subtraction skill, let other kids watch and record the pins that are already down at the table.

2. Addition and Subtraction Game with Gummy Bears. Find and use sectioned plastic plates and gummy bears to practice kid’s addition and subtraction equations. You can write the number equations on the board or a piece of paper for kids to solve using the sectioned plastic plates with gummy bears. This is an ideal and fun way to practice solving problems. To make this game even more enjoyable for your preschooler, you can prepare simple tokens for those students who will have a quick answer to the following problems. Anyway, kids love to play with tokens afterward.

3. Addition and Subtraction Game with Wooden Blocks. Prepare as many as wooden blocks for this number recognition game. Your kids will have to identify how many blocks as quickly as possible to build a tower or building. You can manipulate the number of wooden blocks for your kids to pile or stack up. After they expertly stacked the wooden blocks, it’s your kid’s job to determine how many numbers of blocks are there or how many of them need to be removed. After all, your kids are eager builders! Aren’t they? Your kids will get plenty of opportunities to practice connecting numbers and eliminating them with this wooden blocks.

4. Treasure Box Subtraction Game. Prepare a box with a variety of toys and materials you chose to put inside the box. Be sure to be generous in putting materials to your box. Explain to your kids how many of the toys are inside the box and let them take a closer look at the following toys. Now you can let the kids pick up some treasured toys inside the box and count the remaining treasured toys are. If they successfully count the remaining treasured toys, let them keep a piece of toy for themselves. This is just one of the basic subtraction skills you can teach your preschooler.

5. Addition and Subtraction Game with a Deck of Cards. In this game of addition and subtraction with a deck of cards, you can let the kids find their partners. This is as simple as turning two cards, adds them up, and the kid with the biggest number will get the other card from his/her partner. Play this until one kid loses all of his/her cards. The last kid to have all the cards wins the game.

6. Addition and Subtraction Game with Baskets of Fruits. Prepare a basket with different kind of fruits. Demonstrate simple equations by using different fruits to add and subtract the following equation you chose to have them solve. You can also divide the kids into groups to play Baskets of Fruits. The group that has the best score after solving the equations you prepare wins the game.

7. Addition and Subtraction Game with Flash Cards. You can randomly prepare addition or subtraction cards to flash out in front of your students. Through flashing numbers, you are helping kids to enhance their visions on numbers and mental activity by solving the equations on the flashcards. Prepare the names of your students and record their scores. The student with the top score will have an award afterward.

Why Choose The Sunshine State Academy To Teach Your Kids?

There are countless useful Math games available to nourish preschooler’s addition and subtraction skills. The Sunshine State Academy can help you, and your kids get enough skills that will help build their problem-solving strategies into another level. The programs are designed to help every child to better in every aspect of life through the many activities crafted with fun and excitement. If you are looking for the best preschool in Miami, choose The Sunshine State Academy to teach your kids. You can visit their website at for more of the programs they are offering.

Parent’s Survival Guide: How to do Aventura Mall with a Toddler

Aventura Mall is considered the second largest luxury shopping mall in the United States. A lot of parents in South Florida know that Aventura Mall can be a place for kids to have fun and delightful experience because of its arts scenery inside the mall. Allowing your kids to escape from reality for a while to work out how they feel about life
and how they are going to deal with it is essential. But because the mall is too big for a toddler, there are times when it becomes a hassle to come to.

Nonetheless, you can still make it a wonderful day for your toddler inside the Aventura Mall because the facility is committed to improving every visitor’s experience by displaying various arts around the mall. Also, your kids will find so many things to do inside the mall with their indoor playground facility and different stores.

What to Do

Determine whether your toddler is ready to go to the mall. Taking your toddler to the mall for the first time can be a treat for him/her or the other way around. If your toddler can’t normally tolerate a long time walking or going on a store, you have to consider planning a list on where to go while inside the mall. In this way, you will be able to help your toddler enjoy the time you will be spending inside the mall.

Bring proper stuff for your toddler. If you prefer bringing knapsack it would be a little intimidating factor for you and your toddler. Most parents or even some would prefer a sling bag or infant carrier but if you bring a set of wheels it would make it easy for you to carry around your toddler’s necessities.

Bring people with you other than your toddler. Perhaps the most important than bringing the right stuff is the people to help you around while touring inside the mall. Your day at the Aventura Mall will be much happier if you have an extra hand to carry around your toddler. Whether it’s your husband, your wife, your other children, or even your nanny can be a great helping hand.

Involve Your Toddler to some of your personal activity while inside the mall. While you’re picking some clothes, checking out some pair of shoes, you can ask your toddler if what you’re picking will look good on you. We can all agree that kids love to help their parent at some point or another. They have the tendency to participate in almost all of your activity even while at home or inside a car. He/she will be able to feel that it’s your choice to bring them to the mall not because you just have to.

Where to Stay

The Rainbow Valley Playground

The Aventura Mall has an indoor play area called The Rainbow Valley Playground where kids can play around, jump over a rainbow, and crawl through tunnels and more. It is an artist-designed interactive playground located on the lower level of the Aventura Mall. The Rainbow Valley Playground is the South Florida’s first indoor children’s
playground designed by contemporary artists and created by Miami-based artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, who is known as Friends With You.

Rainbow Valley will enrich and inspire creative play in your kids in an interactive platform that is influenced by a story of the artist’s creation. The playground will guide kids through Peeko, the baby mountain, and his adventure with a newfound buddy, Cloudy, to the magical Rainbow Valley.

Where to Shop

Action Kids

You can shop the latest footwear for your Kids from their favorite brands like Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Stride Rite with a variety of sizes from infant to young athletes. Action Kids is located adjacent to Macy’s on the lower level of the mall.

Disney Store

Here you will find every Disney favorites your toddler love about. From Disney toys, electronics, kids and adult apparel, home and collectibles, seasonal products, to Disney’s favorite movies and more. Surely you and your toddler will enjoy roaming around the Disney store.

Gap Kids & Baby Gap

Here is a division of Gap that offers babies and kids the same kind of casual and comfortable clothing as given in women’s and men’s wear.


Kidz provides a selection of clothes and accessories for kids reflecting the latest styles and trends around the globe.

The Lego Store

You can inspire and develop your toddler’s building skills through Lego collectibles and build a better future.

Where to Eat

The Aventura Mall has a lot of food stores and restaurants you can choose from. There is everything for your family, from fast-food burgers and fries to genuine pizza to your next level sushi dishes to flavorful authentic Italian food and more. Surely, you will enjoy your time together with lots of food choices around. Take a look at some of the fine dining and food stores they have at the Aventura Mall.

International Smoke

International Smoke is the wildly popular collaboration between Chef Michael Mina and the lifestyle expert and bestselling cookbook author Ayesha Curry. The International Smoke restaurant featured a light, flavorful grilled and smoked foods that are perfect to share with family and friends.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is known around the world for its extensive and creative menu, generous portions, distinctive décor, and legendary desserts. With more than 250 menu selections – all handmade, in-house with fresh ingredients- more than 50 signature cheesecake and dessert, there is truly something for your toddler to love about here at The Cheesecake Factory.


IT’SUGAR is a place that takes candy and turns it into an experience that will surely make your toddler enjoy not only the sweets but the ambiance around the store. From a variety of flavors – sweet and sour, rich and creamy, this is how life should be at IT’SUGAR.

Tutti Frutti

Enjoy a healthy frozen yogurt with your toddler here at Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has developed over a 100 flavors and recipes for both naturally tart and traditional creamy flavors. With different types of flavors and fresh toppings, the Tutti Frutti experience will definitely take your kids to endless happiness.

We hope that you will enjoy your Aventura mall experience with your toddler.

Arts and Crafts Activities

The Sunshine State Academy believes that, from the moment a child is conceived inside a mother’s womb, they are constantly developing and growing. But the growth of one’s child doesn’t stop after giving birth. Every child continues to grow all the way until maturity to adulthood. During this time that they are developing, everything that parents and their teachers impart into their lives is as important as who they will become in the future. Their brains are beginning to emerge as their abilities and skills on certain things like mathematics, language,
creativity in arts, their personality and even what they like or dislike contributes to their development.

Arts and crafts activities are a great way for every child to learn. From preschool paper plate masks to fifth-grade homemade rainbow slime, The Sunshine State Academy arts and crafts activities will keep your child’s learning fun and engaging. With a variety of DIY, creative, decorative, and scientific arts and crafts activities, your ideas for classroom activities will never run out.

If you are looking for creative ways to keep your children busy, these Arts and Crafts Activities from The Sunshine State Academy will surely stick them around. You will find here painting techniques, drawing ideas, photo collage activities, and many more. You can also go beyond doodling with pens or markers and crayons or paints with these activities that will surely uplift your children’s enjoyment of going to school even more.

Before you start doing these 10 Arts and Crafts Activities that we prepared, start presenting your child with natural materials and objects around you and explain briefly how to use each of them.

Crafted Cards for Family and Friends

● Prepare construction papers, fold it in half and start decorating them.
● Teach your child to write a message using a pencil or pen and have him/her trace if can’t write on their own.
● Attach a set of a picture into the card and let your child decorate them.
● You can do this whatever season of the year it is. You can use holiday inspired materials to decorate the cards, just let your child pick what he/she thinks would best fit the card.
● Use a variety of ways to make your cards beautiful and meaningful.
● You can use materials like colored pens, markers, glitters, paint, beads, magazines, scrap papers, buttons, stickers and many more.
● In this way, you are also teaching your child to be thoughtful to family and friends even in a simple way.

Fine Motor Art Activity

● In this activity, you will need a marker, paper, shoelace, scissors, 8 small blocks, beads, puncher, cardboard, crayons or any colored pens, small cups and rice.
● This is a fun activity, so you will likely want to invite your child’s friend to do this. You can now start setting up 8 stations around your house or at the backyard or even inside a room.
● Your station 1 will be the cutting section. Help your child to draw thick lines to one end of the paper to the other. Have your child use scissors if they can, to cut the lines. But if your child is used to cutting lines, you can also draw different shapes for them to cut out.
● Your station 2 will be for stringing beads. Help your child to place a shoelace and beads at the station and have them string the beads. You can also find some materials with a hole in it to add to the strings.
● Your station 3 will be for building the tower. Place the 8 small blocks at the station and have your child and their friends build the tower. You can also let them know that tower is not the only thing they can build but house or bridges also. If you notice that they can’t start well, you can help them build the foundation of the tower to start on.
● Your station 4 will be for the lace. Take a piece of the cardboard you have and punch a hole in and around it. Let your child and his/her friends use a yarn or lace the cardboard until it reaches every hole in it.
● Your station 5 will be for puzzles. Create puzzles for your child and his/her friends to solve.
● Your station 6 will be for copying. Create shapes or draw things that your child and his/her friends can copy using crayons, colored pens or markers.
● Your station 7 will be for tracing. You can draw several figures or shapes using colored markers and have them trace it.
● Your station will be for pinching. Ready the station with rice and small cups. Have your child use his/her fingers to place a piece of rice to the small cup. These stations can randomly follow to let your child practice his/her creativity in arts but also for his/her fine motor skills.

Nurturing a child’s creativity through arts and crafts won’t just increase their chances of becoming the next famous artist like Picasso. But then you are helping your child develop emotionally, socially, and mentally. Arts and crafts activities may enhance children’s ability to analyze and solve problems in numerous ways. As children start to maneuver a paintbrush, their fine motor skills are beginning to improve. By counting simple pieces and colors, they are starting to learn the basics of Math. When children experiment with different materials surrounding them, they are being immersed in science. Probably the most important thing is when children feel good about what they while creating arts and crafts helps that stimulates their self-confidence. The Sunshine State Academy allows every child they are teaching to feel in experimenting and even make mistakes in fabricating new ways of thinking which extends beyond the crafts they can create.

For more of these arts and crafts activities, visit The Sunshine State Academy to teach your child to become the best version of themselves.

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