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Dramatic Play in Early Childhood Classroom

Dramatic Play in the Early Childhood Classroom is Essential in Overall Development Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Early Childhood Education   Dramatic play in the early childhood classroom is considered by many to be one of the most important kinds of play young children can engage in because this area allows for children to practice their language ...

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Promoting Large Motor Skills to Keep a Well-Balanced Classroom

Promoting Large Motor Skills to Keep a Well-Balanced Classroom Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Education     Children develop large motor skills naturally, yet there are a great amount of activities and tools that can increase their level of performance. First, the setting needs to have various balls and climbers which are not vertical, but are tubes ...

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Successful Motivational Strategies

Presented for Teacher Training In-Service Sunshine State Academy By Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Education   Another great strategy that teachers use within the class is area charts and helper charts. Each child is given an area where he/she is the helper for the day and when clean-up is called helpers go to their predetermined area and ...

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Student Leadership of English Language Learners

  In American schools, the English language learner population has almost doubled over the past decade while the overall student population has remained relatively unchanged. The percentage of public school students in the United States who were English-language learners [ELLs]  was higher in school year 2014–15 (9.4 percent, or an estimated 4.6 million students) than ...

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Teacher Excellence at Sunshine State Academy

Learning to teach does not occur over one or two college semesters and highly effective teachers strive to learn throughout their entire careers. Teacher persistence is one characteristic of individuals who have a mastery orientation to achievement, which is characterized by attributing one’s success to high ability and effort. Teacher persistence is a disposition manifested ...

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The Ages and Stages Questionnaire Assessment Vs. Cindy Downes Oklahoma Pre-Kindergarten Assessment

Julia Yaremchuk, M.S in Education   I. Publication Information   A. Ages and Stages Questionnaire   The title of the first assessment is called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire or ASQ, Third Edition and it was developed “in the 1970s.  Researchers at the University of Oregon, led by Dr. Diane Bricker, recognized the need for ...

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Improving Communications between Preschool and Families

By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Education   Communication between preschool and the family is vital in the overall student success especially for children in the early childhood classroom. Allowing parents to be part of the learning process shows children how important the school really is in the lives of their family. There are many ways to improve ...

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The Silent Battle with Food

By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.   The issue of childhood obesity is a very relevant issue in the society of today. I am a preschool director and on a daily basis see children from low income families who do not have appropriate dietary restrictions and even family education on how to eat healthy. The way that childhood ...

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Supporting English Language Learners in the Classroom

By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.   Children who are English language learners come from a variety of backgrounds, they may need to learn English because they come from an impoverished home, an immigrant household or simply a rural area, where there is a dialect spoken. English language learners may be children from all socio-economic backgrounds but it ...

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Professional Development Links and Classes/Teacher and Administrative Resources

Online Courses:   1.   The following website has all of the Department of Children and Families mandated courses, such as Rules and Regulations, Child Abuse, and Health and Safety.   2.   The following website hosted by Texas A&M holds many online trainings that will help teacher with common questions as how to feed young ...

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